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Here are my tutorials, project updates, and various other articles. (Check out my ongoing “Netizen’s guide to the fediverse” post!)

I also contribute to the Botwiki blog with articles, tutorials, and interviews.

And you can follow me on Mastodon, GitHub, and SoundCloud.

A tinted screenshot showing domains where I have followers and follow accounts blocked by one of Mastodon's instances.
A tinted, zoomed in screenshot of a JSON object showing server information about a Mastodon instance.
A tinted screenshot of an unlabeled scatter chart, with most data points grouped on the right.
A tinted screenshot of two charts, one showing the popularity of various fediverse platforms (with Mastodon far ahead of the rest), and the other chart showing distribution of domain creation dates, mostly clustered around 2023.
A tinted screenshot from the linked interview with the header image and intro text.
A tinted collage of a poll about funding fediverse communities with snippets of comments posted in response.
A tinted screenshot showing the @mtaupdates Mastodon profile and a few example posts with subway status alerts.
A tinted collage of a screenshot from the Mastodon Users bot showing a sustained growth in the number of users and Mastodon instances with a meme next to the chart with an illustration of a man pointing at himself in a mirror with the caption above the image saying: You are not procrastinating on Mastodon, you are fighting for a free and open internet.
A tinted screenshot of my website, cut diagonally, revealing both a light and dark theme.

Dark mode support

Finally, your eyes will get some rest at night.

A tinted screenshot of the default Mastodon instance landing page, with a custom logo showing my name and also listing me as the only user.
A tinted screenshot of the CapRover dashboard with the text redacted.