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A netizen’s guide to Mastodon and the fediverse

Hey, this article is a work in progress. Let me know if you’d like to contribute!

netizen (plural netizens)

  1. (Internet) A member of the community of Internet users.
    Synonyms: Internet user, cybercitizen, cybernaut, internauta

There are many great guides about Mastodon, and the larger fediverse in general, that explain what it is, how to pick a server, and compare the best mobile apps.

But there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in the native cultures.

Here’s a selection of polls about Mastodon and fediverse, some of which I made myself, some made by others. I will continue adding more polls, so be sure to check back in every now and then. And let me know if you see a good poll!

And this is the really exciting thing. The fediverse is still very new, and we are all growing it together, by directly participating and asking questions, like these.

Who’s in the fediverse

Here’s a quick intro.

We’ve pretty much moved on from Twitter.

We are a generous bunch.

Making everyone feel invited

Accessibility is super important to folks here. Mastodon, which I’m the most familiar with, makes it super easy to add captions to your images, and you can configure some mobile apps to not even let you post an image unless you describe it so that folks who rely on assistive technologies can enjoy them with the rest of us.

How we talk about it

Do you post in the fediverse, or on it? And is it the Fediverse, or just a casual fediverse?

The crowd decides.

We are the algorithm

There is no recommendation engine in the fediverse (although there are plenty tools that help you discover what’s popular), so things like #hashtags and self-boosting (reposting your own posts) are pretty normal here. Although not everyone is a fan.

But also, not many use content discovery tools, so you might want to time your most important posts for most engagement™.

And more

Here’s a few sites and folks to check out and follow to learn more about the fediverse.

A few good tools for content discovery, mostly for Mastodon.

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