A tinted screenshot of my website stefanbohacek.com, cut diagonally, revealing both a light and dark theme.

Dark mode support

I finally implemented dark mode on my site, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I’m definitely seeing a trend to make this the default behavior on websites and in mobile apps. Seeing one of these that does not have it really stands out to me, and makes for an unpleasant and jarring experience.

A screenshot of my website stefanbohacek.com showing the light mode.
A screenshot of my website stefanbohacek.com showing the dark mode.

For now the dark and light mode switch automatically based on the browser and operating system settings, but it would be also nice to add an option to switch between them. Something for a future update.

Does your personal site have a dark mode?

— Stefan Bohacek (@stefan@stefanbohacek.online) 2023-03-16T18:54:07.087Z

Following up on this, do you considered dark mode an important feature of websites and mobile apps?

— Stefan Bohacek (@stefan@stefanbohacek.online) 2023-03-16T23:08:47.495Z

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