Edit your Webmaker Thimble make with a bookmarklet

Well, kind of. I made this little bookmarklet that lets you do just that (simply drag the link below to your bookmarks):

Edit make

The code is very simple – especially since Thimble (make viewer?) loads jQuery:

  /*Created by twitter.com/fourtonfish*/    
    document.location.href = $("div.make-bar-button a").attr("href").replace(/remix/,"edit");
    alert("Uh, no.");

A few notes:

  • This will not let you edit other people’s makes. (It will kind of look like that’s what’s happening, but you will really only be creating a remix. And good luck finding it to delete it.)
  • I know, I know, error handling. See the next note.
  • Feel free to copy/modify the code.
  • It would be nice if you kept the author info, but hey, this is the internet, it’s not like I can do anything if you don’t.

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