How to enjoy bots as a “non-coder”

I created Botwiki with two audiences in mind: people who want to make bots, and people who just want to look at other people’s bots.

Watching people people who don’t necessarily consider themselves “coders” use this site and go from “What is this site for? What even are bots?” to “Hey, this is actually pretty cool!” has been interesting, and also motivating.

I’m putting this page together as a reference for folks who might feel a little bit intimidated by what they perceive as a lack of certain kind of knowledge or skills.

Botwiki, and bots are for everyone!

Browsing Botwiki

You can start on the Bots page and work your way around the site by clicking on whatever looks interesting to you.

Botwiki is very easy to navigate thanks to curated lists of links that let you browse bots by categories, such as bots that let you play games, bots that use emoji, or bots that post GIFs.

Contributing to Botwiki

There are many ways you can contribute to Botwiki without having to write a single line of code.

  1. You can contact me so that I can add you to a dedicated Trello board where I keep a list of bots I’d like to add to Botwiki.You can then help me add these bots, or other bots that you like, via a simple online form.(Don’t have a Trello account? You can sign up with this referral link!)
  2. Do you speak a language other than English? Perfect! You might then be interested in helping translate Botwiki so that even more people can enjoy it 🙂
  3. Join the Botmakers Slack group and share what you do know about!Botmaking requires diverse teams. Sharing your unique experiences and your own ideas is an incredibly useful way how you can contribute to the process of creating all kinds of different bots.Note: New to Slack? Check out what Slack is, and how to use it.
  4. Share Botwiki! You can do so on Twitter, Facebook, email someone a link.The more people join, the more vibrant and diverse the community will become, and we all can have fun and interesting conversations 🙂

If you have any questions, or suggestions, feel free to reach out via email, or on Twitter!

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