Hello #indieweb!

I just updated stefanbohacek.com to version 4.0!

My website went through quite a few changes over the years. I bought the stefanbohacek.com domain at the end of May 2011. Originally, it pointed to my Tumblr blog, where I hosted some of my sketches/illustrations.

When I started learning web development (around April 2013), my site just a simple, HTML-based website hosted on Bluehost. At one point, I remade it using Angular.js, not the brightest idea if you care about people with JavaScript disabled.

Did you know? You can perform the Konami code to browse older versions of this site! (Just one of a few easter eggs!)

With my Bluehost hosting close to expiring, and my knowledge of web development technologies growing, I started looking for hosting solutions that would let me try things that required more freedom, like running a Python app or a node.js server. DigitalOcean was a perfect solution.

switched to using Python and Flask to power my website (note that version 3 still used Python+Flask, it was mostly just a design update).

I was still running my blog separately as the original Tumblr site.

Well, the last piece of the puzzle fell into place as I discovered Pico, which I’ve been using to make Botwiki.

With Pico, it is much easier to write blog posts that contain programming code, and naturally, I have also more control over my content, if I host it on my own server, which I’ve already been doing with all my side projects.

I am still in the middle of the transition (I have to look into things like POSSE, plus I am missing some of the features from the previous version of my site, and perhaps tweak the design a bit) but with all my blog posts migrated away from Tumblr, I officially joined team #indieweb, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while!

And this also means I should blog more frequently, so look forward to articles about botstutorials and interesting links 🙂

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A tinted, zoomed in screenshot of a JSON object showing server information about a Mastodon instance.
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