A purple-tinted collage of screenshots of various Twitter bots.

Joining the Twitter Developer Insider program

Thanks to my ongoing work on Botwiki and creative online bots I was invited to join Twitter’s Developer Insider program.

Stefan is a bot wiz. He has created several bots, including one that paints and posts a robotic Pollock painting programmatically, and another that will hypnotize you with different swirling colors. More importantly, he is the creator of botwiki.org, a multi-dimensional tool aimed at educating people on how to create bots, and hosting an index of existing bots on the platform.

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A tinted, zoomed in screenshot of a JSON object showing server information about a Mastodon instance.
A tinted screenshot of an unlabeled scatter chart, with most data points grouped on the right.
A tinted screenshot of two charts, one showing the popularity of various fediverse platforms (with Mastodon far ahead of the rest), and the other chart showing distribution of domain creation dates, mostly clustered around 2023.

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