Make a Twitter bot that tweets random images

New Making a bot that tweets a random image with Python, Google Drive, and Pipedream.

I wrote a tutorial for Botwiki that walks you through the whole process of creating an image Twitter bot, from setting up a Twitter app to using the Twitter API keys to upload the pictures using the Twit node.js library.

Check out the full site for more Twitter bot tutorials and my Creative Bots project that lets you make more advanced bots.

Read the tutorial on Botwiki

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A tinted screenshot of two charts, one showing the popularity of various fediverse platforms (with Mastodon far ahead of the rest), and the other chart showing distribution of domain creation dates, mostly clustered around 2023.
A tinted screenshot showing the @mtaupdates Mastodon profile and a few example posts with subway status alerts.
A tinted screenshot showing the finished bot posting a flag and asking about a corresponding capital, followed by a reply from me with a correct answer, and the bot accepting it.

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