Migrating the site to WordPress

Since I registered the stefanbohacek.com domain in May 2011, the site it displayed went through several transformations in both its content and the technology powering it.

Originally a Tumblr site where I hosted some of my sketches, it turned into a repository of personal projects I worked on as I transitioned to a career of web development.

At first it was a simple HTML-based website, which I later rewrote as an Angular app, then back to static HTML, this time with Python, then I remade it with Pico CMS, and finally, after migrating Botwiki to WordPress, I decided to do the same for my own website. (So yes, you might notice some similarities in design.)

The reason for this change is similar to what motivated me to migrate Botwiki, mainly making it easier to add content to the site and maintain it. I am also interested in exploring other open web technologies, like ActivityPub and OStatus. I’m not 100% convinced that Mastodon will take over Twitter, but there is a lot of promise in the ideas and technologies behind it.

What I would personally like to see is Twitter implementing ActivityPub, and the tools to consume it get better and more user-friendly, rather than hope for a single platform, no matter how open, to dominate. (I know, a long shot, so maybe for now it’s better to focus on the tools, while waiting for a miracle to happen.)

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A tinted screenshot showing domains where I have followers and follow accounts blocked by one of Mastodon's instances.
A tinted, zoomed in screenshot of a JSON object showing server information about a Mastodon instance.
A tinted screenshot of an unlabeled scatter chart, with most data points grouped on the right.

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