This Glitch project template lets you create your own Character Alignment page. It’s a simple project, but there is something pretty cool happening under the hood.

When you share your page, Facebook and Twitter will show a screenshot of your page without you having to do anything extra. This is achieved using a little screenshot app I created as a separate project.

(Side note: For now I only use it for the Alignment project, but I might turn it into its own thing with proper API. Or you can just remix it and make your own.)

This way, you have two versions of your page:

The image version is what’s used for the social media thumbnail. Neat!

And here’s one way you can use this project:

A tinted composite of screenshots of the main extension menu showing a customized list of instances, and the settings page.
A screenshot of a simple text input field with used as an example and a button that can be dragged to your browser and used as a bookmarklet.
A tinted screenshot of the Fediverse Explorer interface showing an input field for a tag, a toggled section with

Fediverse Explorer

Explore the fediverse, one hashtag at a time.

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