Alt Text Hall of Fame

I am a huge fan of the web. I work as an engineering manager, and I have a ton of small and medium-sized side projects online.

And I want as many people to enjoy them as possible. To do my part, among other things, I always make sure that the images I upload online have a proper description. Even my bots. And while the situation with image descriptions is overall improving, it’s not where it needs to be yet.

Tracked 23,561 posts across 2,977 instances.

Federated: 32% – Found 8990 descriptions set on 28,496 images.

Local: 21% – Found 1,425 descriptions set on 6,850 images.

— Alt Text Health Check ( 2023-08-09T12:00:06.444Z

To help spread awareness, I created Alt Text Hall of Fame, a website, and a fediverse account, with tips on how to write better image descriptions, and a way to highlight some exceptional examples.

My new project,, is a celebration of the effort, ingenuity, and creativity that goes into making the web a friendlier and more inclusive place, one captioned image at a time.

— Stefan Bohacek ( 2023-08-07T12:32:52.646Z

Question for folks, what kind of image descriptions do you prefer?

— Stefan Bohacek ( 2023-08-07T13:51:27.190Z

A tinted screenshot of the Fediverse Export Analyzer interface, showing a visualization of Mastodon user account with profile image and description in the left column, and various details, including account creation date, embedded first post, and posting frequency, and a scatter plot of all posts.
A tinted screenshot of three embedded Mastodon posts.
A tinted screenshot of my visualization project, with my display name, profile image, a tree chart showing each server I'm connected to, and a breakdown of my connections.

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