Curator and the Machine

I’ve been playing lately with generative art and with this project I wanted to do something that’s more interactive. I took the code behind pollock.exe and made a page where you can tell a bot when it should tweet the artwork.

The algorithm (or “the machine”) generates a “painting”, and you, the “curator” decide when it’s finished and should be shared. Or you can scrap it and start over.

I made this as a fun little side project, but I think it does pose some good questions about creativity, and shows how machines and people can work together to create something.

And I specifically used Glitch as it lets anyone take the source code and remix it. I thought about variations on the idea, for example, maybe the curators should be working with the same exact “painting” (right now, every person sees their unique artwork), so I might explore those ideas later, or maybe someone else will.

A white outline drawing of a synthesizer on a black background.
Yellow-tinted screenshot of my NYC Subway Artists map showing thumbnails of videos of some of the featured artists

NYC Subway Artists

Musicians playing at NYC subway stations.

#artists #dataviz #felt #map #music #nyc #performers

A white outline drawing of a drum on a black background.

Music Weeklies Challenge: Ominous

My submission to the Music Weeklies Challenge: Ominous.

#music #music-challenges-and-contests #music-production #music-weeklies-challenge

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