A tinted screenshot of my visualization project, with my display name, profile image, a tree chart showing each server I'm connected to, and a breakdown of my connections.

Explore your fediverse connections

My latest data visualization project gives you an overview of what fediverse servers you’re connected to through your followers and accounts you follow.

Screenshot of the welcome screen with a login prompt.
Screenshot of one of the charts showing top 10 servers used by my own fediverse connections.

Supported platforms

Logins are currently supported for the following platforms:

  • Mastodon
  • Friendica
  • Pleroma/Akkoma
  • Misskey/Calckey

Not yet supported:

Followers and followed accounts will be shown from all of the fediverse regardless of the platform they’re on.

Privacy policy

This tool requires the following read-only access when you log in:

  • Your account information: this is to display your name and profile picture
  • Information on who you follow: this is to show a breakdown of the servers used by people you follow and who follow you, the primary functionality of my tool

No data is saved on my server. A portion of the data that’s used for the data visualization will be cached in your browser for one hour, and is also available for you to download.

Here’s a few ideas on what you can do with it:

See below on how to remove access from the app.


I don’t have a fediverse account, how do I make one?

Visit jointhefediverse.net to learn more about what fediverse is and how you can join.

How is the data computed?

Let’s say you follow five people:

  • user_1@mastodon.social
  • user_2@mastodon.social
  • user_3@calckey.social
  • user_4@example.social
  • user_5@acme.social

And you’re followed by four people:

  • user_1@mastodon.social
  • user_3@calckey.social
  • user_6@acme.social
  • user_7@domain.social

Then you have 7 unique connections:

  • user_1@mastodon.social
  • user_2@mastodon.social
  • user_3@calckey.social
  • user_4@example.social
  • user_5@acme.social
  • user_6@acme.social
  • user_7@domain.social

across 5 domains:

  • mastodon.social
  • calckey.social
  • example.social
  • acme.social
  • domain.social

I am not seeing any data, what now?

  • Misskey or Calckey: please check your privacy settings and make sure your “Follows/Followers Visibility” is set to public.
  • qoto.org: There is a bug preventing the data from loading, I reported this to the admin.
  • If you’re using a fork of a platform that is supported, but not recognized, please let me know.

If you’re still having any issues, please report them here.

How do I refresh the data?

You can do that by logging in again.

How do I remove access from the app?

Visit your account settings and look for a list of “authorized apps”. This is what the page looks like on Mastodon.

A screenshot from Mastodon settings page showing authorized applications.

From here you can revoke access.

This is still very much work in progress, but feel free to try if you have a Mastodon or a Friendica account.


— Stefan Bohacek (@stefan@stefanbohacek.online) 2023-05-12T13:26:23.393Z

My data visualization project that lets you explore your connections across the fediverse now supports:

– Mastodon
– Friendica
– Pleroma/Akkoma 🆕
– Misskey/Calckey 🆕

Try it here: data.stefanbohacek.dev/project

— Stefan Bohacek (@stefan@stefanbohacek.online) 2023-05-17T20:11:13.340Z

A tinted screenshot of the Fediverse Export Analyzer interface, showing a visualization of Mastodon user account with profile image and description in the left column, and various details, including account creation date, embedded first post, and posting frequency, and a scatter plot of all posts.

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