A tinted screenshot of a section of the jointhefediverse.net explaining how the fediverse works.

Join The Fediverse.net

I created jointhefediverse.net with a specific audience in mind: people who don’t really care about the technical bits around the fediverse, or fighting The Man. Just regular people who only want to sign up for a free website and post stuff about their day, or follow a favorite singer.

The whole site consists of three pages. First, there’s a brief, interactive explanation.

I’m focusing on one core concept behind the fediverse, and that is: you can sign up on one website and follow anyone, anywhere.

Once you reach the end of the main page, you can either see a basic breakdown of some of the most popular networks, or visit a page with a few links that go into more depth explaining the technical details of how the fediverse works.

A screenshot showing a table that compares popular social media sites with their fediverse alternatives.

The goal is to gently introduce the fediverse as a concept without being overwhelming, but also build on top of all the great work done by others.

If you find the site useful, be sure to share with your friends and family!

Also, I recently wrote about how to best help the fediverse grow, so go have a read.

A screenshot of Kaelin Ellis playing a keyboard in a video for his song Peanuts.
A white outline drawing of an upright piano on a black background.

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