A tinted screenshot of two charts showing the decrease in hourly wages while productivity increases, compared to the increase of CEO compensations

Makeover Monday: Week 18, 2021

My first Tableau data visualization and technically not made specifically for Makeover Monday, but I submitted it when I saw that they used this dataset for one of the challenges.

A white outline drawing of a synthesizer on a black background.
Yellow-tinted screenshot of my NYC Subway Artists map showing thumbnails of videos of some of the featured artists

NYC Subway Artists

Musicians playing at NYC subway stations.

#artists #dataviz #felt #map #music #nyc #performers

A white outline drawing of a drum on a black background.

Music Weeklies Challenge: Ominous

My submission to the Music Weeklies Challenge: Ominous.

#music #music-challenges-and-contests #music-production #music-weeklies-challenge

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