A tinted screenshot of a United Stats map overlayed with data showing student loan pay-off times by state.

Makeover Monday: Week 24, 2021

My first Makeover Monday submission. I wanted to do something a bit more interesting, so I added a second dataset that helps provide some context and compares the student loan in each state with the average post-graduate salary, answering a question of how long it takes to actually pay off the student loan.

I used csvkit to manipulate the data and updated some existing code for the map using a bit of JavaScript and SVG.

A tinted screenshot of a section of the jointhefediverse.net explaining how the fediverse works.

Join The Fediverse.net

A gentled introduction to the future of social media.

#explainer #fediverse #social-media

A screenshot of Kaelin Ellis playing a keyboard in a video for his song Peanuts.

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