A tinted screenshot of a data heatmap showing occurence of various birthdays throughout the year.

Makeover Monday: Week 26, 2021

This one is a bit simpler and not much of a makeover, but it’s been a particularly busy week, and I hope I’ll get to revisit this at some point.

For now, I’m just happy to be sticking with the schedule.

A tinted screenshot of the Fediverse Export Analyzer interface, showing a visualization of Mastodon user account with profile image and description in the left column, and various details, including account creation date, embedded first post, and posting frequency, and a scatter plot of all posts.

Alt Text Hall of Fame

Making the web a friendlier and more inclusive place, one captioned image at a time.

#accessibility #alt-text #image-descriptions #internet #web #web-accessibility

A tinted screenshot of three embedded Mastodon posts.

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