A tinted composite of screenshots of the main extension menu showing a customized list of instances, and the settings page.

Mastodon Tools browser extension

What originally started as a simple bookmarklet is now a complete browser plugin for easier use. Starting with an instance switcher, with support for multiple instances, I intend to add more functionality in the future.

See the full set of features and the source code on GitHub, and install it on Firefox and Chrome.

If you run into any issues, or would like to share feedback, see my contact page for ways to get in touch.

A tinted collage of various public domain film posters.
A tinted screenshot of the Public Domain Film Quote Search site showing results for the word

Public Domain Film Quote Search

Search a database of dialogues from public domain movies.

#archive-org #film-and-tv #movies #public-domain #search #subtitles

A screenshot of a simple text input field with stefanbohacek.com used as an example and a button that can be dragged to your browser and used as a bookmarklet.

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