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Music Weeklies Challenge #201: Piano solo

March 29 was the 88th day of the year this year, and since the piano has 88 keys, this is the day folks celebrate the annual Piano Day.

Apparently today is the 88th day of the year, which is a designated . pianoday.org

What are some of your favorite piano pieces, artists, or piano sample libraries?

— Stefan Bohacek (@stefan@stefanbohacek.online) 2023-03-29T19:34:07.698Z

And this set the theme for the 201st Music Weeklies challenge.

My track was inspired by a joke Kurt Vile made during his Live from Spotify NYC show when at the end of Wheelhouse he quips: “Thanks a lot for coming to our rehearsal.”

I imagined a small theater where the piano player practices in front of a small audience. Hence leaving in some of the imperfection that might happen when you practice your musical instrument. The goal was to make things feel and sound intimate and not go too over the top.

Hope you’ll enjoy! And for more piano tunes, have a listen to my SoundCloud playlist.

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