A screenshot of a simple text input field with stefanbohacek.com used as an example and a button that can be dragged to your browser and used as a bookmarklet.

“Open post on my Mastodon instance” bookmarklet

UPDATE: You can get this feature, and more, with my new browser extension.

Here’s a quick and simple tool for making a bookmarklet that lets you open a Mastodon post on your own instance. Hope you’ll find this useful!

Drag this ⤵ to your bookmarks bar Open on mastodon.social

Once you save this bookmarklet as a link, you can click it when viewing a Mastodon post and you will be redirected to the same post on your instance so that you can interact with it easily.

A tinted collage of various public domain film posters.
A tinted screenshot of the Public Domain Film Quote Search site showing results for the word

Public Domain Film Quote Search

Search a database of dialogues from public domain movies.

#archive-org #film-and-tv #movies #public-domain #search #subtitles

A tinted composite of screenshots of the main extension menu showing a customized list of instances, and the settings page.

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