Redact text on a web page before taking a screenshot using the Redacted font created by Christian Naths. You can use it on the full page or just the selected text.

Preview of the plugin being used on Twitter
The default Redacted Regular style
Selectively applying multiple styles

This project started in 2014 as a series of bookmarklets and has been converted to a browser extension in 2021.

A tinted screenshot of the Fediverse Export Analyzer interface, showing a visualization of Mastodon user account with profile image and description in the left column, and various details, including account creation date, embedded first post, and posting frequency, and a scatter plot of all posts.

Alt Text Hall of Fame

Making the web a friendlier and more inclusive place, one captioned image at a time.

#accessibility #alt-text #image-descriptions #internet #web #web-accessibility

A tinted screenshot of three embedded Mastodon posts.

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