Data and engineering @ Adweek

As an engineering manager and senior developer at Adweek I’ve been collaborated with every department at the company, getting to work on a variety features, tools, and data-related tasks outside of our client-facing websites. Here’s a few highlights.

Audience Development Portal

An intranet site that lets the Audience Development team explore data collected via our external partners’ APIs.

Screenshot of an interface that lets you explore membership account data.
Screenshot showing an interface for exploring newsletter data via an API.

Company name autocomplete field

The Company Name autocomplete field helps standardize user data.

The field is used on all contact forms and the registration form, and is powered by a large data collection hosted in Google BigQuery and synced to an internal database in WordPress.

A registration form showing autocomplete suggestions pulling from a large list of company names.

Readability tools

The editorial team at Adweek wanted to create a tool that helps them asses readability level of their articles.

I created an internal API using the write-good node.js package that powers a section under the article in the CMS that shows various statistics and provides suggestions on how to improve the article quality.

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