A screenshot of Kaelin Ellis playing a keyboard in a video for his song Peanuts.

“YouTube Shorts to regular video” bookmarklet

Did you ever come across a YouTube Shorts video, but got annoyed that you can’t fast-forward it? Here’s a quick little bookmarklet that lets you open these videos as a regular video page with the full YouTube player interface.

Simply drag the link below to your bookmarks bar, open a YouTube Shorts video, like this one, and click the bookmarklet link that you just saved.

Drag this ⤵ to your bookmarks bar YT Shorts to normal video


A tinted screenshot of a section of the jointhefediverse.net explaining how the fediverse works.

Join The Fediverse.net

A gentled introduction to the future of social media.

#explainer #fediverse #social-media

A white outline drawing of an upright piano on a black background.

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