Projects ๐Ÿ’ป

This is a list of my side projects, including data visualizations, creative online bots, and tools for web developers. Many of my projects are open-sourced on GitHub and on Glitch and some of my work can be found on Kaggle, and Tableau.

I also volunteer with Tech For Campaigns and DSA National Tech Committee, manage the Botmakers community and occasionally make music. Be sure to visit my blog for project updates and tutorials.

And here's a few older pictures and illustrations on Flickr.

A tinted collage of multiple tweets.
A tinted collage of multiple tweets.

Alternative Tweet Embeds

Embed Tweets on your site while improving performance and protecting privacy of your vistors.

Yellow-tinted screenshot of my NYC Subway Artists map showing thumbnails of videos of some of the featured artists
A white outline drawing of a drum on a black background.
A white outline drawing of a drum on a black background.
Tinted screenshot of my
A tinted screenshot of the data visualization showing a bar chart and a brief description.
A white outline drawing of a synthesizer on a black background.
A white outline drawing of an upright piano on a black background.
A white outline drawing of an upright piano on a black background.
Tinted screenshot of a bar chart showing the prices of various personal information on the dark web
A tinted screenshot of a United Stats map overlayed with data showing student loan pay-off times by state.
Tinted screenshot of a bar chart showing increased popularity of cycling during COVID lockdowns
A tinted screenshot of my data visualization showing two United States map overlayed with data and illustrations of Trump and Biden above each.
A tinted screenshot of a data heatmap showing occurence of various birthdays throughout the year.
A tinted screenshot of a series of charts showing rate of UK police stop-and-search per 1,000 people, by ethnicity
A white outline drawing of a vocoder on a black background.

Splice X Chromeo Beat Battle

"If you can dance to the drums and the bassline, then you know you've got a funk song."

Data of New York

Explore the great city of New York using maps, data, and bots!

Music production

Examples of my work and submissions to contests and challenges.

A tinted screenshot of two charts showing the decrease in hourly wages while productivity increases, compared to the increase of CEO compensations
A tinted collage of various creative Twitter bots.

Creative Bots

A project template for making creative online bots.

An example generative artwork consisting of alternating dark red blocks on red background.

Most popular Twitter bots

What are the most popular Twitter bots, and why you shouldn't care all that much.

Fight Fascism

Make your website anti-fascist with Angus Johnston's Fight Fascism stickers.

GitHub Organization Issues Link

A browser extension that adds an Issues tab that lets you browse all issues across a GitHub organization’s repos.


Breakdown of the last 100 bills introduced in the US government.

Glitch Image Gallery

A simple way to share your photos and images with Glitch.

Link Formatter

Turn URLs into descriptive links.


Collaborative online photo booth.



Tinted letter b on a dark background


An open-source collection of tutorials, articles, datasets and other resources for creating useful/interesting/artistic online bots.


A "reverse Turing test" chat game.


Leave a message for the next person who visits this page.


Redact text on a website before taking a screenshot of it.


Get basic information about a website via an API.

Space And Quotes

Back-end driven quote-on-a-space-background generator with image preloading -- no JavaScript!

Hello, Salut!

Say hello to your website visitors in their native language.

Longer Than

Compare your relationship to those of famous couples.