Data visualization

Below is a collection of projects and articles related to data visualization and analysis. You can also view my Tableau profile, my datasets on Kaggle, and my Makeover Monday submissions.

A tinted collage showing bots featured in the article.
A tinted collage of screenshots of various dataviz Twitter bots.
Yellow-tinted screenshot of my NYC Subway Artists map showing thumbnails of videos of some of the featured artists
Tinted screenshot of my
A tinted screenshot of the data visualization showing a bar chart and a brief description.
Tinted screenshot of a bar chart showing the prices of various personal information on the dark web
A tinted screenshot of a United Stats map overlayed with data showing student loan pay-off times by state.
Tinted screenshot of a bar chart showing increased popularity of cycling during COVID lockdowns
A tinted screenshot of my data visualization showing two United States map overlayed with data and illustrations of Trump and Biden above each.
A tinted screenshot of a data heatmap showing occurence of various birthdays throughout the year.