Makeover Monday

My submissions to theΒ Makeover MondayΒ data visualization challenge. My goal is not to do every challenge, rather to use this as an opportunity to improveΒ my data visualization skills and learn to use new tools while working with some of the more interesting datasets.

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A tinted screenshot of the data visualization showing two columnns with a map of NYC with a few locations marked in one, and a card with details about one of the pizzerias.
Tinted screenshot of my
Tinted screenshot of a bar chart showing the prices of various personal information on the dark web
A tinted screenshot of a United Stats map overlayed with data showing student loan pay-off times by state.
Tinted screenshot of a bar chart showing increased popularity of cycling during COVID lockdowns
A tinted screenshot of my data visualization showing two United States map overlayed with data and illustrations of Trump and Biden above each.
A tinted screenshot of a data heatmap showing occurence of various birthdays throughout the year.
A tinted screenshot of a series of charts showing rate of UK police stop-and-search per 1,000 people, by ethnicity
A tinted screenshot of two charts showing the decrease in hourly wages while productivity increases, compared to the increase of CEO compensations